Friday, March 30, 2007

New Publications on Iran from Scholar Google

I did a search on recent academic publications on Iran using scholar google, these are some of them, the third one is downloadable directly:

Authors : Thomas W. Wood, Matthew D. Milazzo, Barbara A. Reichmuth, Jeffrey Bedell
The Nonproliferation Review, 2007 - Taylor & Francis
Abstract: Iran has pursued an ambitious nuclear program with the declared goal of long-term energy independence. While this is a worthwhile and generally accepted national planning objective, it is clear that Iran's nuclear program as now structured will not achieve this goal, and in fact may delay it by diverting capital and other resources from projects that would address pressing current energy sector problems and contribute to ultimate energy independence for Iran.
Keywords: Energy economics

Prospects of nuclear power plants for sustainable energy development in Islamic Republic of Iran
Author: Amir Hossien Ghorashia Energy Policy, 2007 – Elsevier Available online 30 June 2006.

Abstract: This paper presents the feasible contributive share of electricity generation from each energy resources. This includes the economical feasibilities and all demographic projections involved in forecasting methodology, which explicitly reflect on overall national power demand projection in the Energy prospects of Islamic Republic of Iran till 2033. The Energy demand and reliability are presented with a view to elaborate on significant role and required capacity of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) towards fulfillment of an energy mix policy in the country.
Keywords: Iran; NPP; Prospects

The role of environmental NGOs in protection Zayanderood River in Isfahan
The PDF file is downloadable from: International NGO Journal, 2007
Keywords: Iran; NGO, Environment

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