Sunday, October 25, 2009

An Article on Iranian Commercial Aviation

This is an interesting piece on Tehran Bureau. Apparently the website is part of PBS Frontline. As for the article conclusions, I think comments are informative. One person who had lost a dear one in Caspian crast says that gov't was aware of the airplane's technical problems. It is hard to say what caused that accident the black box was gone and experts are silent, too silent if i may say so. Enjoy
Read the article here.

By the way Aria Airlines resumed its flights using its Fokker 50s out of its base in Bandar Abbas. The call sign is on the air.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Clayton State

Here I am, finally back in academia teaching at Clayton State University in Atlanta metro area. For a young institution Clayton State has a good infra structure and is in transtion (I am an Iranian, transition defines my life!) from a commuting college to a state university. Our new residential buildings are just lovely, newly designed and constructed they are really different from usual dorms. I also love the campus, it is gorgeous. The trees, the lake, the buildings and above all Spivey Hall make it a uniquely gorgeous campus.
Of course Clayton State still is in the shadow of its neighboring campuses: Georgia State and Kennesaw State, but its student population is growing and it becomes better known outside of Georgia. Clayton does offer many things: a recognized business program, easy access to Atlanta metro area and a peaceful environment. There is no wonder why we at Clayton State are so optimistic about the future.