Thursday, April 20, 2006

To my friend

I wrote this today:
(and I know it is really childish)

Every passing moment
brings me a color
some green like hope,
some red as passion,
some white, dotted by lines
from friends and foes
something goes through my heart
wonders my mind
and then I remember my vows
the good in me owes much to you
friends, classmates and so
some smiles, a few laughs
above all the will we have
to conquer, to reach the promised land
so my hair might be gone
my years might as well come
but my vows,
my vows all I have

We shall not despair

Everyday there are some pieces of news. It seems more than ever this administration is ready to use nuclear weapons against a people whose cause has been ignored for such a long time. Pentagon officials talk of planning. Secretary of State Rice mentioned the right to self-defense. In a crazy world, all actors of tragedy are coming together. Some present arrogance, some stupidity, some vanity and some greed.

We shall not despair. We people of Iran, this most ancient nation of the world, shall not despair.

We have survived the hordes of Huns and Arab invasion. We have survived two World Wars, to which we were drawn by the same powers. We have survived revolutions, civil wars and invasions. We carried on, We still carry on.

Our poetry, Our sense of humanity, Our joy of watching a bride, Our sorrow when a kid loses her apple have not changed. We are still the great people of a great country: Iran. We shall survive this. We shall not despair.

Those, who talk like secretary of state, or defense secretary, should be reminded of Iranian right to self-defense in case of an attack. Those who consider a missile test by Iran a provocative act, should be told that planning to use the most devastating weapon in your arsenal against Iran is more provocative. Those who talk of destroying our airports, ports, oilfields and communication network should be advised that one cannot harm the other expecting her admiration.

Although one expects the ministers and presidents to be wiser, it seems governments are adopting the tone of roughnecks in this exchange of pleasantries. There is too much to lose in these crazy talks. Since our statesmen do not make sense anymore it is upon us to prevent this. It is upon us to tell them of consequences of destruction, of people they are targeting and things they can do. Any ideas?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Attorney Passed Away

Colonel A. Rahimi who had defended several of opposition figures during monarchy passed away. He defended men such as Mehdi Bazargan, the first prime minister of Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Taleghani; the most prominent leader of revolutionary days second only to Ayatollah Khomeini and many others. His actions as a defense attorney in military court were rewarded by his forced retirement from Imperial Army and a 3 months imprisonment.

He returned to active duty after revolution temporarily. His was a life worthy of studying and learning.

Many of those whom he defended adherently already are gone. Ayatollah Telaghani passed away before the first anniversary of revolution, exhausted by cheer amount of work and broken from tortures in Shah’s prison. His funeral was attended by all parties. Mehdi Bazargan resigned after only 9 months in office and spent rest of his life as an opposition figure under another political regime: Islamic Republic. Supreme Leader personally send his condolences when he passed away

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Hound of War

I was reading Peter Ralph (see New York Post). “We should destroy” I believe this sentence summarizes his whole argument. It is not about a global peace, it is not about Middle East peace, It is not even about USA security. It is about, and only about, destruction.

The more arguments I hear, the more I sense the hatred, the blinding belief in military power. Peter reasons that since administration “pulled too many punches in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now we are paying the price.” Conflict must be made devastating.

I did not know that there is a regular Iraqi Army fighting in Iraq. I did not know Iraqi air force is harassing American garrisons. Above all I was not aware Iraqi WMD’s are being used. Mr. Ralph you are right you are paying a price but not because you did not cause enough collateral damage or destruction. Because you thought you can build a nation from ruins of Baghdad, Basra and Falujah. Because you thought if you shoot first and then shoot again and shoot again, your problems will be solved.

Now here is Iran. You must be fascinated my dear sir, like a hound smelling the blood. You are not going after nation building, you do not want to wage democracy either. You just want to wage devastation and destruction. Not matter what is collateral damage. Then you shall sit and tell the world: It was an acceptable loss.

Today I look at Iraq, a country who waged war on my motherland, at dozens who die there every day, at their people and their sufferings and I thank Lord that I do not tell the world that this was acceptable. I do not tell the World that had people have been wiped out, there would not have been a problem. Because unlike you I, an IRANIAN, cherish life, spring and hope. Go do your devastation in your kitchen sir, it calms you down.
Read This:,,1753857,00.html

One thing I like about Guardian is its no nonsense approach to events in Iran. Guardian at least mentions Iranians : people my people.
More I think more I found similarities between Mr. Bush and Mr. Ahmadi Neghad. They both think of people as chattel! (I understand why President Bush thinks that way). But we are people we have faces we have our own views, jokes, and views.
Do not treat us as some cow you used to whip. Read about us.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We Can Afford Only ONE Fundamentalist President at A Time!

I think one of the worst situations in the world is to have two fundamentalists in charge of opposing forces. Because they would act and play into each other hand. There is no place
in their mindset for tolerance nor any appreciation for the realities.
If Ahmadineghad announces enrichment, USA announces plans to use nuclear weapons. If Ahmadineghad says that he rather erase a certain country, O’Reilly says he rather Iran being wiped out. Ironically both sides justify themselves by good and evil approach of religious fanatics. There is no need to say that both sides are wrong. USA threats just unite Iranians around the wrong man. Iran's radicalism unites Americans for George Bush.
Both presidents seek historic legacies, and what that will be. History will not hold either man in high esteem. And why it should? One is responsible for daily destruction and bloodshed in a country where he used force so naively and so primitively that still astonishes the wise men of realms. The other is seeking a collision so foolishly that proves his illusive mindset. Both are head of administrations dealing with unemployment, health and poverty of their people. One has left people of a flooded city to hunger and heat the other has let his people to sleep in dangerous homes exposed to any earthquake. Both must be ashamed of what they have done to their people and their failure in addressing their issues. Both are hiding behind their illusion of a crusade. The history has already spelled its verdict: INCOMPOTENCE!

These two have a bit of time to save themselves, to serve their nations truly. Otherwise there is not enough destruction in the world to change that verdict. The history has its own way of judging presidents and that is not dictated by any power, even a supreme one.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Nuclear Agenda

I really want to know since when having enriching technology is equivalent to having nuke!
CNN title is: "Iran Close to Nuke Technology" Another headline reads: "Iran: top secret missile tested."
It seems that crying wolf is not limited to neo cons. I would like to ask: Are these headlines chosen particularly to cause fear? Then what happened to objective and professional journalism?
is that type of journalism dead?
The Lovely Days We Have!

Have you ever felt your heart? I do now. It is beating faster and wilder everytime I read a piece of news about attacking Iran. PLEASE STOP! What I would give to have just a normal country to sit down and not to have every passing moment to be a count down toward a war.

The promised report of New Yorker magazine has made these days of this great spring grey. The air is filled by the smell of ashes. There is no joy in sensing dark forces are gathering to attack the one place that we call home. No matter what are the reasons to believe and what is the logic not to believe. It is not important that USA military forces engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan makes it impossible for her to spare forces to attack Iran. It is not important that there are anti war sentiments in Pentagon or State Department. What is important for me as an Iranian is that there is threat against my country, my family and my hometown.

I have grown up in an era where many shaked their heads with disbelief remembering how long the war with Iraq lasted. It can be sensed that there won't be enough wisdom in our esteemed politicians to prevent a war. The one lesson that Iranian history has taught us is that to expect the unbelievable the impossible.

It is on us now, no matter what political ideas we share, no matter what our disagreements are. Let us unite for Iran, Not behind any individual. But let us stay fast with Iranian people, who are targeted by these bombs, those who will suffer. Let us remember we shall suffer as well. Let us make our voices heard, let us remember we have Iran and she is the only thing we have. For good or bad, her virtues are ours, and our faults hers. Let her not suffer from our vanity this time.