Monday, March 26, 2007

A Movie to Watch: “Music Within”

Last night in Dallas AFI movie festival I saw “Music Within” directed by Steven Sawalich. The movie is about a real life personality. Richard Pimentel is a Vietnam veteran who advocated his life after recovering from his wounds and loss of his hearing to find jobs for veterans and later for disabled people. He wrote the first manual for employers to encourage them to hire disabled and challenged the discriminatory practices carried by businesses and employers against disabled and disfigured individuals.

I found the movie amazing. In Iran eight years war with Iraq have left many wounded and disabled[1] persons. Individuals like Richard Pimentel have so much to teach us about disabled and veterans to upgrade practices and to improve veterans’ welfare. I am asking myself how hard would be to invite Mr. Pimentel to Iran to give a talk about his experience? I am sure it is not impossible.

[1] A war veteran severely wounded is called Janbaaz in Farsi. This word literally means “who has sacrificed his livelihood.”

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