Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Former British Ambassodor Speaks

This is an interesting piece by Craig Murray former British Ambassador to Central Asia:

" Let me quote, for example, from that well known far left source Stars and Stripes magazine, October 24 2006.
'Bumping into the Iranians can’t be helped in the northern Persian Gulf, where the lines between Iraqi and Iranian territorial water are blurred, officials said.
"No maritime border has been agreed upon by the two countries," Lockwood said.'That is Royal Australian Navy Commodore Peter Lockwood. He is the Commander of the Combined Task Force in the Northern Persian Gulf.
I might even know something about it myself, having been Head of the Maritime Section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office from 1989 to 1992, and having been personally responsible in the Embargo Surveillance Centre for getting individual real time clearance for the Royal Navy to board specific vessels in these waters. "


pelted said...

Randomly came across your blog, and thought this was a nice tidbit of information. Thanks.

Honza P said...

I take it you are not upset at all over the blatant violations of he Geneva conventions by the Iranians, like parading the troops on TV, not paying them their wages, threatening them with civilian court proceedngs and asking them questions beyond "name, rank and serial number" despite the fact that they were operating in clear uniform and with open chains of command in clear complaince with the laws of war? Even the Chinese Communists release foreign military "tresspassers".
Hardly the response Jenkins' ear got, and perhaps more's the pity.