Monday, November 11, 2013

All quiet on western front

Today WWI ended, the greatest man slaughter in history come to an end. The tragedy of WWI is not the bloodshed, is the fact that it was not the last major conflict. Allies dictated such inhumane terms to defeated Germany that paved the way for Hitler and his Nazi thugs and another war. Versailles Treaty was not a bad deal according to Clemenceau. 22 years later the French begged to differ. In the very same location in the very same railway carriage France signed another armistice, accepting severely humiliating German terms. The victor was the vanquished. 
I can't help thinking about negotiations between Iran and P5+1 what is considered a good deal by hawks could be a very bad deal, international accords have a way of inspiring nations to take the wrong road. A good deal is a one that ends the conflict not the one that inspires new ones. And no deal means war. WWI does tell us even when a war ends it really has not ended.