Thursday, April 20, 2006

We shall not despair

Everyday there are some pieces of news. It seems more than ever this administration is ready to use nuclear weapons against a people whose cause has been ignored for such a long time. Pentagon officials talk of planning. Secretary of State Rice mentioned the right to self-defense. In a crazy world, all actors of tragedy are coming together. Some present arrogance, some stupidity, some vanity and some greed.

We shall not despair. We people of Iran, this most ancient nation of the world, shall not despair.

We have survived the hordes of Huns and Arab invasion. We have survived two World Wars, to which we were drawn by the same powers. We have survived revolutions, civil wars and invasions. We carried on, We still carry on.

Our poetry, Our sense of humanity, Our joy of watching a bride, Our sorrow when a kid loses her apple have not changed. We are still the great people of a great country: Iran. We shall survive this. We shall not despair.

Those, who talk like secretary of state, or defense secretary, should be reminded of Iranian right to self-defense in case of an attack. Those who consider a missile test by Iran a provocative act, should be told that planning to use the most devastating weapon in your arsenal against Iran is more provocative. Those who talk of destroying our airports, ports, oilfields and communication network should be advised that one cannot harm the other expecting her admiration.

Although one expects the ministers and presidents to be wiser, it seems governments are adopting the tone of roughnecks in this exchange of pleasantries. There is too much to lose in these crazy talks. Since our statesmen do not make sense anymore it is upon us to prevent this. It is upon us to tell them of consequences of destruction, of people they are targeting and things they can do. Any ideas?

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