Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Lovely Days We Have!

Have you ever felt your heart? I do now. It is beating faster and wilder everytime I read a piece of news about attacking Iran. PLEASE STOP! What I would give to have just a normal country to sit down and not to have every passing moment to be a count down toward a war.

The promised report of New Yorker magazine has made these days of this great spring grey. The air is filled by the smell of ashes. There is no joy in sensing dark forces are gathering to attack the one place that we call home. No matter what are the reasons to believe and what is the logic not to believe. It is not important that USA military forces engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan makes it impossible for her to spare forces to attack Iran. It is not important that there are anti war sentiments in Pentagon or State Department. What is important for me as an Iranian is that there is threat against my country, my family and my hometown.

I have grown up in an era where many shaked their heads with disbelief remembering how long the war with Iraq lasted. It can be sensed that there won't be enough wisdom in our esteemed politicians to prevent a war. The one lesson that Iranian history has taught us is that to expect the unbelievable the impossible.

It is on us now, no matter what political ideas we share, no matter what our disagreements are. Let us unite for Iran, Not behind any individual. But let us stay fast with Iranian people, who are targeted by these bombs, those who will suffer. Let us remember we shall suffer as well. Let us make our voices heard, let us remember we have Iran and she is the only thing we have. For good or bad, her virtues are ours, and our faults hers. Let her not suffer from our vanity this time.

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