Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Hound of War

I was reading Peter Ralph (see New York Post). “We should destroy” I believe this sentence summarizes his whole argument. It is not about a global peace, it is not about Middle East peace, It is not even about USA security. It is about, and only about, destruction.

The more arguments I hear, the more I sense the hatred, the blinding belief in military power. Peter reasons that since administration “pulled too many punches in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now we are paying the price.” Conflict must be made devastating.

I did not know that there is a regular Iraqi Army fighting in Iraq. I did not know Iraqi air force is harassing American garrisons. Above all I was not aware Iraqi WMD’s are being used. Mr. Ralph you are right you are paying a price but not because you did not cause enough collateral damage or destruction. Because you thought you can build a nation from ruins of Baghdad, Basra and Falujah. Because you thought if you shoot first and then shoot again and shoot again, your problems will be solved.

Now here is Iran. You must be fascinated my dear sir, like a hound smelling the blood. You are not going after nation building, you do not want to wage democracy either. You just want to wage devastation and destruction. Not matter what is collateral damage. Then you shall sit and tell the world: It was an acceptable loss.

Today I look at Iraq, a country who waged war on my motherland, at dozens who die there every day, at their people and their sufferings and I thank Lord that I do not tell the world that this was acceptable. I do not tell the World that had people have been wiped out, there would not have been a problem. Because unlike you I, an IRANIAN, cherish life, spring and hope. Go do your devastation in your kitchen sir, it calms you down.

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