Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We Can Afford Only ONE Fundamentalist President at A Time!

I think one of the worst situations in the world is to have two fundamentalists in charge of opposing forces. Because they would act and play into each other hand. There is no place
in their mindset for tolerance nor any appreciation for the realities.
If Ahmadineghad announces enrichment, USA announces plans to use nuclear weapons. If Ahmadineghad says that he rather erase a certain country, O’Reilly says he rather Iran being wiped out. Ironically both sides justify themselves by good and evil approach of religious fanatics. There is no need to say that both sides are wrong. USA threats just unite Iranians around the wrong man. Iran's radicalism unites Americans for George Bush.
Both presidents seek historic legacies, and what that will be. History will not hold either man in high esteem. And why it should? One is responsible for daily destruction and bloodshed in a country where he used force so naively and so primitively that still astonishes the wise men of realms. The other is seeking a collision so foolishly that proves his illusive mindset. Both are head of administrations dealing with unemployment, health and poverty of their people. One has left people of a flooded city to hunger and heat the other has let his people to sleep in dangerous homes exposed to any earthquake. Both must be ashamed of what they have done to their people and their failure in addressing their issues. Both are hiding behind their illusion of a crusade. The history has already spelled its verdict: INCOMPOTENCE!

These two have a bit of time to save themselves, to serve their nations truly. Otherwise there is not enough destruction in the world to change that verdict. The history has its own way of judging presidents and that is not dictated by any power, even a supreme one.

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