Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Qeysar Aminpour Passed Away

He came by the migrating birds and he left for his star catching another flight of falling leaves. Qeysar Aminpour Iranian poet passed away last night in Tehran at age 48.

Born in 1959 in the city of Dezful in south west of Iran, he studied Persian literature under supervision of Dr. Shafi’i Kadkani at University of Tehran and received his doctoral degree in 1997, defending his thesis on “Tradition and Modernity in Iran’s Contemporary Poetry”.

Most known as a young adults’ poet in 1988 he became chief editor of Soroush e Nojavaanaan; Teenagers’ Soroush, a monthly young adult magazine dedicated to poetry, literature and art. For many high school students Soroush e Nojavaanaan was more than just a magazine. It was the place to read the history of Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry’s Little Prince, the adventures of Le Petit Nicholas, and the stories of Keschner. It was a place to read about the latest movies and animation productions, although they would not have been shown in Iran. Your correspondent had read an interview with Macaulay Culkin in Soroush e Nojavaanaan a few years before watching "Home Alone."

Soroush e Nojavaanaan left its mark on Iran's literal and intellectual history. Many of those who became the journalists of reformist era started to write as amateur teenagers in this magazine. Dr. Aminpour resigned from Soroush e Nojavaanaan in 2003. He was made a member of Persian Literature and Culture Academy in the same year.

Dr. Aminpour was widely published. Among the collection of his poetry one can mention: In the Avenue of Sunshine, The Noon of 10th day, the Morning Breath and Sudden Mirrors II. He taught in Tehran University and Azzahra University. His students will miss him greatly.
Today many paid tribute to him: children for whom he was someone who never became an adult, poets and intellectuals, the former President Khatami and members of current cabinet such as Mr. Saffar Harandi minister for Ershad.

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