Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Le Figaru: Increasing danger of war through Incomprehension between United States and Iran

Le Figaru article is very insightful and offers a good summary:

Commentary by Renaud Girard
It must be acknowledged that in connection with the Iranian nuclear question a single line is now taking shape, and it is that of confrontation. It is as though two crazy trains were rushing headlong towards each other on the same track, without anyone being able to halt them or divert them onto a different track. The engineer on the US train is called Dick Cheney (the conservative vice president who orchestrated the disastrous attack on Iraq in 2003,) and the engineer on the Iranian train is called Mahmud Ahmadinezhad (the highly nationalistic and religious president of the Islamic Republic.) In English, this is what is known as a collision course. ... Read More: Link

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