Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Putin in Tehran

Australia, Herald Sun: Putin to visit embattled Iran
Russia, Pravda: Suicide terrorists prepared to assassinate Putin during his visit to Iran
UK, Guardian: Iran death threat fails to discourage Putin
International Herald Tribune: In Iran, Putin warns against military action
Russia, Interfax: Putin hails decision to allow only coastal countries' vessels into Caspian Sea

Council of Foreign Relations: Top of the Agenda: Putin in Iran
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin arrived in Iran today, the first visit to the country by a Kremlin leader since Josef Stalin in 1943. Putin will attend a summit of nations bordering the Caspian Sea, the focus of which seems likely to be Iran’s nuclear program (BBC). Thus far, the meetings have been overshadowed (RFE/RL) by an apparent plot to assassinate Putin while he is in Iran.

Still, analysts remain hopeful that progress can be made on the nuclear question, particularly given Russia’s strong regional influence in energy markets. Bloomberg reports that initial energy talks between Putin and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad focused on how to divvy Caspian energy resources among the countries that border the sea. Russian press report that Ahmadinejad told Putin that he hopes the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program will be resolved in the near future (RIA Novosti).

Reuters: Putin gives no guarantees on Iran atom plant fuel: TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin declined to give any guarantees on when Russia might start delivering fuel to Iran's first nuclear power plant on Tuesday, saying it would happen after differences over the contract were solved… Read more.

Photo is From ISNA

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