Friday, June 16, 2006

Where are Islamic Countries?

Again it happened in a mosque. A suicide bomber attacked another mosque in Baghdad:11 dead 25 injured. Who or What justifies this? Fighting Americans? These were MUSLIMS & ARABS. Defending Islam? I did not know that one could defend Islam by attacking Muslims' mosques.

As a Muslim I believe Islamic world is under attack by a fanaticism, long has been ignored. It is time to deal with it now in Iraq. Why all Islamic governments are not uniting? They certainly have intelligence that could be helpful now. Instead of considering Iraq an American problem it is time for Islamic countries to accept it as their own problem. The voices and actions of Islamic countries are regrettfully absent. Why Organization of Islamic Conference does not form an anti terrorism committee so its member countries can deal with this issue.

This also is an opportunity for Iran and Iraq to join forces in combating such terrorist activities that threaten both countries stability and security. The peace in the Middle East is decided in Baghdad and Tehran. They can be its pillars.

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