Thursday, June 15, 2006

And he is dead

The headlines are huge; it is on the cover of Newsweek and Times. Zarqawi the leader of Al-Qaede in Iraq is dead. He has been killed in an air raid and now it is all over. Dallas Morning News published a cartoon showing him over the clouds asking for his 72 houries. News covered his family and his brother in Jordan, they do consider him a martyr. While Iraqi and Jordanian governments expressed their satisfaction and many in Washington DC started to speculate, Iranian government also expressed its happiness. Reading Persian web logs reveals the fact that almost everybody is happy; the moderates as well as radicals.

He was no friend to anyone out of his gang of monstrous murderers, who attacked the shrines of holy Imams and machine gunned believers in their mosques. Even recent intelligence shows that he was plotting to drag USA into a war with Iran through covert terrorist activities.

The truth is Zarqawi and his followers are not alike any Muslim figure of Islamic history. They lack the chivalry, the self sacrifice, the humanity. How could any Muslim consider a man whose designs and plots killed several of thousands of other Muslims a martyr? A man how planned against unity of a Muslim community? He, who fought the Shiites in the name of Sunnis, the Kurds in the Name of Arabs and became a symbol of insane fanaticism, is no martyr. For him not the heaven but the hell is awaiting, a hell where he finds all he had insulted, murdered and offended asking for justice to be done.

He is dead; I look at his picture and remember the sad truth. No matter whose war it is, and no matter why it has happened, it seems Muslims are killed mostly by other Muslims. I should say a pray for forgiveness, but I am happy that he is dead. Now the madness might be stopped.

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