Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce Elected

Today Dr. Nahavandian was elected the head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mining (ICCIM). His opponent was the incumbent head of ICCIM, Mr. Khamoushi. 308 representatives of Iran’s private sector voted in this election and Dr. Nahavandian received a majority of 165 votes versus 139 for his opponent.

This has marked more than a simple change in the leadership of an important national economy institution. Mr. Khamoushi served as the head of ICCIM for more than two decades. He has been a long time advocate of private sector expansion in Iran and is affiliated with traditional Bazaar networks.

Dr. Nahavandian served as a deputy minister of commerce during President Khatami administration and currently is a member of board of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mining. He has received his doctorate in economics from George Washington University in 1993. His election agenda includes supporting privatization, expanding e-commerce, joining WTO and extending ICCIM presence in global markets.

Dr. Nahavandian comments on TCCIM webpage could be found here in English: http://tccim.ir/english/newsfullstory.aspx?nid=68
Photo is from http://tccim.ir

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