Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Last Prime Minister Speech

In a rare appearance Iran post-revolutionary prime minister has criticized country’s economic conditions and political groups’ lack of appreciation for the real life conditions of ordinary citizens. According to Ham-Mihan daily Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi was speaking in Religion and Economics Institute in Tehran on the anniversary of explosion at Islamic Republic Party, which killed Ayatollah Beheshti and several government officials as well as MPs in 1981.

He told his audience: “We have a mass production of information and data from which we have eliminated moral and human related qualities gradually and replaced them by other concerns. We have focused on issues such as GNP, Inflation Growth and economic reforms, which are very important in economics, without paying attention to their implementation in the real conditions of ordinary citizens’ lives.”

He compared economic reports of recent years to those prepared at the early years of the republic and said: “at the beginning of revolution reports included a few brief paragraphs about revolution and the circumstances of the impoverished and then reported the economic tables and data. These paragraphs are considered emotional today and are eliminated.”

Speaking passionately he told his audience: “a few days ago I saw a photo of a girl with a dirty and black face carrying a sack in Tehran streets in one of newspapers, quoting authorities that 20% of Tehran’s children are homeless[1]. I do not think that this photo has affected many in the way it could have affected them in early days of revolution. We see these photos, we hear these statistics but we ignore them.”

He reminded his audience how Marxist groups’ lack of appreciation for the real life conditions and their fantasies about proletariat and bourgeoisie caused their failure after revolution. He warned against repeating such mistakes.

Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi has been absent from political stage in Iran for 18 years and declined several calls to run in presidential and parliament elections. His recent speech has increased speculation in political circles in Tehran that if he is considering running for presidency in coming election.

[1] Author has not found that newspaper and doubts the accuracy of this statistics.

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