Thursday, August 17, 2006

Publishing in Economics

In graduate school the difference between hell and heaven is not much. Those who are in hell suffer as well as those who are in heaven. The difference is that people who are in heaven get published. When one publishes a paper, it is equivalent to several drafting and re-drafting, editing and testing. Then one can submit to journals. Then waiting begins. Usually lucky ones get a revise and resubmit which means they need to go an extra mile to please the referee or to meet the standards. The unlucky ones are rejected and they need to repeat the process somewhere else.
There are a number of journals that a graduate student does not expect to get published there; those are for faculty with years of experience and a number of publications in their record. However there are a number of decent journals where graduate students and doctoral candidates publish. No matter where one publishes, it is an enormous joy to see it in print. Here is a link to an interesting paper regarding ranking of academic journals and institutions in economics. Enjoy!

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