Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iran Offers to Negotiate Immidiately

ISNA, IRNA, Mehr and BBC Persian reported that Dr. Ali Larijani, Iran's principle negotiator in talks regarding nuclear program, has presented ambassadors of Germany, French, United Kingdom, Russia, China and Switzerland, who represents the United States interests in Iran, with Iran’s answer to the package offered by EU.

It is reported that the answer emphasizes on Iran’s right to enrich Uranium, however it offers several solutions and compromises to start a new phase in this negotiations. Iran has announced that negotiations could begin tomorrow regarding this matter. Dr. Larijani has emphasized that he wants to avoid any accusation that Iran wants to buy time. He added that government's approach has been to consider the package very positively. And Iran has answered as was announced by August 22.

Although no details is known at the moment, but Iran’s readiness to start talks as early as tomorrow indicates that country is determined to receive enough assurances as soon as possible. However one could not help noticing the tone of injured pride. While Iranian president has announced a deadline and package apparently did not have a deadline at the beginning, the developments in Security Council have not helped moderates stand in Iran. It seems the issue for Iran still is the trust. And it seems in this round she feels rightous since she has done as she announced.

At moment it seems that moderates are sincerely making an effort to get the negotiations to a point where a peaceful solution becomes plausible. Enrichment would be the key issue, over which Iranians are ready to accomodate the others, however accomodating is very different from surrendering. They would not let this look like a surrender. It does not mean accomodation would be a lesser thing in concept or context. Let's hope peace be preserved.

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