Monday, May 22, 2006

Tell the World: IT WAS A GODDAMN LIE!

A large number of Iranians abroad became horrified by the news: Iranian Parliament has passed a law imposing a dress code on non-Muslims to identify them from Muslims; Said National Post; a Canadian newspaper. Surprisingly article was written by a Mr. Amir Taheri, whose name implies that he could be an Iranian, and hopefully he at least could read Farsi or understand it when spoken.

Where did he read that colored ribbons are going to be forced on minorities in Iran? If you read the news, or contact people in Iran, and nobody had the impression that National Post and Mr. Amir Taheri gave to the World. Several English web logs and media have reported this as a fact and compared Iran to Nazi Germany.

The Islamic Dress Code is NOT even a law yet. It forces a certain standard on dress and to be honest conservatives have played their hand very intelligently. They brought a group of people, who constitute a minority in Iran, to Majlis. They were opposing the current situation and fashions in Iran last month, then conservative leading MPs left the Majlis session to give guarantees to these concerned citizens, whose opinion apparently is not shared by the youth and a large group of people. Then Majlis started to ratify new law to safeguard Islamic values in the society, based on its members understanding of them, which many oppose. There is no where in this law such additions forcing minorities to wear colored ribbons, there is not even such an intention. Actually this law is meant to make life difficult for the Muslim majority (98%) and the youth not the minorities.

Many are writing about this report being a lie, but how many of those who want to believe such a thing about Iran are going to change their minds? How many of those bloggers are going to tell their readers that this was a lie. How many of Iranians who are living abroad are going to say that this was a lie? The fact is not many. Unfortunately at this moment of Iran’s history many are eager to believe the worst about her and to act upon it. Some are even eager to provide them with false reports justifying their childish fantasies and illusions about a great country.

It is a widely known fact that some Iranians are not big fans of IRI, and many more are not Mr. Ahmadineghad’s fans. But such dirty propaganda tricks, which actually reminds us of Mr. Goebbles, are not meant to help them, these are meant to silence them, to murder them and to justify a war on them. It is a shame that one’s hatred blinds him to that extend that he forgets: journalism is not to entertain, it is to vindicate, to verify and to educate and to safe guard morality and dignity of human beings and their freedom. It is not to spread lies. Mr. Taheri actually helped building many bullets and many missiles to attack Iran, more than any White House warmonger could have possibly done. There is a name for that; I rather leave it to him to find it.

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