Sunday, May 14, 2006

First Line of Defense, Last Line of Defense

Funny thing, I am thinking about this phrase: Last line of defense, first line of defense. How many military commanders have used it? How many times I have heard it in movies?
Several I guess. Now here I am sitting behind this laptop. The truth is the first line of defense is not military. It is not nuclear weaponry, It is not navy nor air force.

This is the first line of defense: ideas & words, the only weaponry it needs is the classical pen or the modern computer with a word processing system. If one fails here, his lost is imminent, if one prevails, his victory is certain.

For many of us the realm of words is the only battlefield left for us. As Gandhi said it so brilliantly: It is a place where we have the strong hand, and they don't.

This is the true first line and the real last line of defense.

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