Saturday, January 21, 2012

Separation: A New Window to Iran

Separation is still attracting attention on the global stage. And this has provided many with a rare way of understanding Iranian society.  
A few days ago Separation was named the Foreign Language Film of the Year at 32nd London Film Critics’ Circle Awards on Thursday. Asghar Farhadi was named the Screenwriter of the year with film’s supporting actress, Sareh Bayat, winning the Best Supporting Actress award. After winning Golden Globe, the movie is seen as a front runner for Academy Awards and was shortlisted on Wednesday.
As the deadline for Academy Awards approaches more critiques of Separation appear in prints in English speaking media. Thursday and Friday several reviews were printed in Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, Washington Times, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, Canadian National Post and the Globe and Mail as well as several others media outlets.  Reviews, interviews and opinions on the movie are plenty and the praise is universal. Although some critiques use a simpler language than others. Michael Phillips from Chicago Tribune called it “the finest film you'll see this month”.  Anita Katz for San Francisco Examiner writes “Picture a mix of Iranian realism, Italian neorealism, Bergman-esque marital drama and Sidney Lumet- style crime-and social-issue-themed vital storytelling”. The movie has helped an understanding of Iran which was rare up to now. Philip Kennicott writes “10 years hence perhaps we will all look back at films such as Asghar Farhadi’s “A Separation” and think: That helped”.
It seems Separation¸somehow, has brought the world closer to understanding a sophisticated and yet in transition society. Unfortunately there is no academy award for that. 

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