Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Tehran is hot, but in the evening a cool breeze comes from mountains. Today is the birthday of Shi'ee 12th Imam; Mahdi. Last night there were fireworks and traffic was most heavy. It is the last great celebration before Ramadan. Weddings are on in full swing and cars decorated as carriages are racing through city with brides and grooms.

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Anonymous said...

you remeind me on "Zebelkhan".It was a Karton for kids in Iran.Sometime I don't know where you are,in Tehran or in USA.When I read you Web in Farsi, I think you are in Iran and so on........
I am sorry about your dad and I am envious you that you have had a good father.I am sure that your dad is a good pattern for you.You shall be proud of him.
I want to ask you,if you know about "Clayton act" in USA and if you teach them to your students.If yes,would you please,write something about that in your web site.
Thank you so much and good luck!