Thursday, October 01, 2009

Clayton State

Here I am, finally back in academia teaching at Clayton State University in Atlanta metro area. For a young institution Clayton State has a good infra structure and is in transtion (I am an Iranian, transition defines my life!) from a commuting college to a state university. Our new residential buildings are just lovely, newly designed and constructed they are really different from usual dorms. I also love the campus, it is gorgeous. The trees, the lake, the buildings and above all Spivey Hall make it a uniquely gorgeous campus.
Of course Clayton State still is in the shadow of its neighboring campuses: Georgia State and Kennesaw State, but its student population is growing and it becomes better known outside of Georgia. Clayton does offer many things: a recognized business program, easy access to Atlanta metro area and a peaceful environment. There is no wonder why we at Clayton State are so optimistic about the future.

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