Friday, May 29, 2009

Green is the New Fashion in Tehran

Driving in Tehran a sizable number of cars are carrying green ribbons tied to their antennas, there are buildings with green drapes falling from roof to the ground and there are young boys and girls wearing green scarves. Green is all the rage in Tehran, it is the color of MirHussein Mousavi the last individual to hold the premier office and the Prime Minister of wartime Iran. His hair has turned grey, but the youth, who mostly were infants in his days are wearing his color.
Of course Mr. Mousavi's economic policies are an old version of structuralist economic ideas and he speaks of "morality economics". Both are discomforting to those who advocate a rational and fact oriented approach to economy in Iran. However it seems that he does offer a progressive social agenda that would be an step forward. He has promised to stop morality patrols and to give more freedom to the youth. No wonder green is the fashion of Tehran's fashionable.

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