Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Op-Ed Piece in the New York Times

Farnaz Calafi, Pouyan Mashayekh and I wrote a piece on Howard Baskerville, which is accepted by the New York Times as an Op-Ed piece today. This April 19th marks the 100th anniversary of his death. Remembering him, is remembering the ideals and the principles of humanity.


Anonymous said...

I read the op-ed piece in NY Times toady. Interestingly enough as an Iranian I had never heard about this American hero who sacrificed his life for a democratic cause in Iran in early 20th century.

reza said...

salam, I read your piece on The NYT ,it was interesting .But what was more intersting is that, today morning I was reading a book by an american tresurer in Iran William Morgan Shuster (The Strangling of Persia) he wrote in the pages of 34(though in farsi translation of the book ,translated by Mr.Hasan Afshar)about the American hero whome you wrote about in The NYT.It really stuck a cord with me and i thought do all people know about this matter?And I saw your piece an hour later on the web.Good time for a Good Subject.Thank you.

tom said...

I lived in Tabriz for two years, 1965 to 1967, and knew well the story of Baskerville. Perhaps this essay will help to open a dialogue between two needlessly combative cultures.