Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Day

It is the first day of spring and the first day of Iranian New Year, an occasion to celebrate the rebirth of nature that symbolizes hope. It is Nowruz. Iranian new year is going to be an eventful one.
Politics: Iran's presidential election shall decide who will be the next president. In running there are three candidates: MirHussien Mousavi (former prime minister), Karroubi (former speaker of house- self acclaimed pragmatic reformer) and incumbent President AhmadiNejad.

Economics: Dr. Nili, a prominent Iranian economist and a former head of macroeconomic planning at Management and Planning Organization, identifies five potential crisis ahead of Iran's economy: budget deficit, balance of trade, volume of money in circulation, unbalanced consumption of energy and employment. The next president won't have any honeymoon with the economy.

International: President Obama in his Nowruz greetings spoke of new beginnings, some in Iran consider this a genuine opportunity to engage USA in diplomatic talks. His diplomatic approach has already disarmed radicals and calmed down many voices in Iran and encouraged many to speak for moderation (Is W. taking notes? in one Nowruz greeting Obama accomplished more than all threats his administration inclined). However it is unrealistic to expect 30 years of building suspicions to go away by a happy Nowruz. However it is indeed a new beginning.

This new year promises many new beginnings.

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