Thursday, January 15, 2009

We knew Beethoven because of Him

Someone might tell you a Mr. Karim ChamanAra passed away in Tehran, Iran. His name might not be among familiar names in media reports, or among Iranian directors and musicians who frequent capitals and metropolitans. Nonetheless generations of Iranians knew mighty names such as Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and etc because of him. Karim ChamanAra dedicated his life to production and publication of music, both classical and Iranian traditional. His name is worthy of remembrance and our gratitude.

Mr. ChamanAra was the founder of Beethoven music house in Tehran, a company producing and distributing musical recordings and tapes. His store was also named Beethoven, in the crowded streets of central Tehran; there one could have found a different world. Rows and rows of masters, musical scores, performances, composers, for many going through his shelves was a study of classical music. Through him we heard Beethoven’s 5th and 9th, the thunder of artillery in Borodino as captured by Tchaikovsky’s 1812, the hymns of Bach’s baroque, Mozart’s geniuses and so many others. Located a few block from University of Tehran, a short walk from Alborz High School and Polytechnic University of Tehran (Amirkabir University of Technology), Beethoven was a landmark by itself. Many like your correspondent did not go there to shop; we went there to pay our respects on pilgrimage.

May be it is hard for you, my dear reader, to imagine the significance of his work, but in revolution and war, in social turmoil and midst political unrest keeping the gates of heavens open is no easy task. Because of his dedication many found moments of tranquility, many discovered the joy and passion of music. He will be remembered.

Photo is from BBCPERSIAN.COM

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ba hameh poochi, por az zendegi am said...

Mr. Chamanara's story represents the most precious tradition of coup d’├ętat generation: the tradition of stubbornly insisting on the topics of art and culture, staying with us and staring the idiocy of revolution, dogma, and war in the eye without blinking.

Mr. Chamanara's sweet, beautiful and graceful personality, only
perfected his generation's collective courageous persistence.

His memory stays in many hearts!