Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Conference on Iran's Economy

Tomorrow the First Conference on Iran's Economy will take place at University of Illinois Urbanna-Champaign. This gathering stands out for two reasons: first it is attended by many who have been working on Iran's economy for the past three decades. Second a number of young researchers are presenting their work in this conference, among them a few doctoral students and recent graduates. Thus it marks the first event where the younger generation of economists interested in Iran join the older generation who kept the work going despite all difficulties and turmoil of past three decades.
There will be a second gathering in September at USC and interested parties and researchers are invited to submit their work. Iran's economy after another sharp increase in oil prices is going through aftershocks now. Its rising inflation, the huge supply of college graduates, its success in checking population growth and fighting poverty, while inequality persists in society, make studying it the most intreseting undertaking.

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