Monday, April 07, 2008

Norouz and Domestic Tourism in Iran

Iranians celebrated their new year, the first day of spring, by traveling. Those who could have afforded it flew to Dubai to celebrate the coming of spring with excessive shopping and attending shows that are banned in Iran. Many grunt that Dubai’s prosperity and glamour owe much to Iranian travelers and tourism.

Those who could not afford it took on the road. To preempt any public discontent government added 100 liters to all gas ration cards for Norouz, uploaded the rations for next 2 months and took the extraordinary and much demanded step of allowing gas stations to sell fuel at a price close to market one. Iranians used up to 79 million liter fuel during these days. Showing a 6 million liters increase compared to the last year.

Local businesses also thrived in these days. According to Iran Cultural Heritage Organization 6 million tourists visited Mashad the seat of Khorasan e Razavi province and 5.75 million went to Mazandaran, north of Alborz Mountains and south of Caspian Sea. Sistan and Baluchistan in southeast, a usually remote destination, witnessed a two fold increase in the number of spring time visitors.

As usual Norouz reminds authorities of the need for more hotels and tourism infrastructure. For the time being many cities improvised by opening public schools and kindergartens to visitors and allow them to tent in parks and other public places. It also reminded people of how dangerous roads could be. According to ISNA news agency 770 individuals were killed in the road accidents.
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