Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More Links on the Recent Report

The Washington Post: On Campaign Trail, No Longer On Guard Against Iran?
At campaign headquarters across the nation, one can only imagine foreign policy advisers yesterday were busily ripping out the chapter on Iran from their candidate playbooks. The surprise intelligence community turnabout on Tehran's supposed nuclear threat upended one of the fundamental assumptions about the 2008 presidential election on both sides of the aisle -- namely the belief that Iran perhaps even more than Iraq would be the dominant foreign policy issue of the year…. Read More.

Swiss Info: Swiss react to latest Iran report
Switzerland has acknowledged a new United States intelligence report that plays down the Iran nuclear threat, commenting that it favours a diplomatic solution.The US report said with "high confidence" that it believed Iran had halted its nuclear weapons programme in 2003, but that the country was continuing to enrich uranium and was keeping its atomic options open.

New York Times: Iran Hails U.S. Report That It Ended Bid for Nuclear Arms

International Herald Tribune: Europeans struggle to maintain push for sanctions on Iran despite US report
PARIS: With the American case for tougher sanctions against Iran looking weaker than ever, European diplomats are in a bind.
Analysts say the Europeans may now have a hard time maintaining support for a swift new U.N. resolution that would further restrict their countries' trade with Iran
… Read More.

The American Spectator: Has Bush Been Vindicated On Iran?

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