Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tehran: 2 Ministers Replaced

According to Fars and Mehr News Agency two ministers have left the cabinet. According to several sources Dr. Tahmasbi minister of Industries and Mining had resigned his seat in cabinet last week. Mr. Mahaneh minister of oil has been replaced and appointed as presidential advisor in oil and gas sector.

During his inauguration President Ahmadinejad's introduced 3 candidates to Majlis for the strategic post of minister of Oil, Mr. Mahaneh was the 4th nominee who received a vote of confidence.

It is speculated that Mr. Mahaneh is replaced due to President’s dissatisfaction with progress in fight against what many call “Oil Mafia”. Replacing him has been a topic of rumors and speculation in Tehran since the day he began his work as the minister of oil. Recently he has been attacked by the media for lowering the price in the gas deals with India and Pakistan. So far 4 ministers and one vice president, Dr. Rahbar, have been replaced.

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