Monday, February 26, 2007

Discovery a City 40 Feet below Ground!

Iran Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN):
The archeologists working on sites in Noosh Abad have found corridors excavated in a depth of 40 feet (13 meters).

Zahra Sarukhani, team chief archeologist, told CHN: “using the water reservoir of the city we have reached the lower levels of this city. At the end of the reservoir there is a wide corridor that is the entrance to the lower levels spaces. At the end of this corridor we have found several other corridors excavated by hand at 33 to 40 ft (11 to 13 meters) below the ground.“

She added that team has found several rooms and saloons of different sizes some with seats carved out of stones in them. Each room had been illuminated by candles or torches, whose bases and stands have been found. She said that rooms all are connected to each other through corridors and residents of Noosh Abad had installed sanitation system in them as well; preparing them as shelters for long periods of times.

Archeologists believe that residents of Noosh Abad had constructed their city at three levels; one on the ground and two lower levels. Thus they were able to protect their precious property and lives from bandits and foreign invaders. Iran Cultural Heritage Organization plans to open the site to tourists and visitors in near future. People of Noosh Abad seized to live in the city 100 years ago.

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