Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Personal Note Regarding Current Events

There are millions things one can say there are several reasons to say or not to say but one thing is for sure: This week millions of people woke up to find their lives disrupted. Some did not get to go home, some did not get to work, and some found their beloved ones dead or missing. All discovered how life could change for nations in a few seconds.

May be in the Middle East we should have been used to it. But no… no one gets used to that. No one gets ever used to burning buildings, to missiles, to broken bridges, to bombardments, no matter for how long it has been going on. Even when we shrugged our shoulders and tell each other we survive this too. Then we stand up and dance… after all we must dance most beautifully in front of death angels.

… And there is the tragedy….

There are immature political groups, as well as immature governments. And the chorus of incompetent Arab leaders completes the picture. One thing is for sure, it seems all prepare for war like the holiest of all rituals. I ask myself if aggression is becoming a second nature, if defiance is becoming the pillar of an ideology.
I know one thing for sure: gods are thirsty no more, so please STOP THIS!

…. And I thought our childhood nightmares are over…. Life could be so deceiving.

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Anonymous said...

ali keep us posted ofwhat's going on in iran.
miss you my friend.
your friend in DC.